The Band


Paul is the new voice of The Untold Revolution having joined the band in the summer of 2019 – although he bought his “first real six string” in 1984!!.

Paul joined his first band the following year, as rhythm guitarist, but soon started singing and writing original material – one tune being played on Radio One by Steve Wright ( yeah THAT long ago! ) Paul had a break from music from ’93-’11 to start a family and get a proper job, but fell back in to it with a popular rock/indie covers band who played throughout Derbyshire and Notts in the 2011s – including Alfreton’s Party in the Park and the Rock and Bike Festival.

Paul isn’t fussy about the microphone sings out of… as long as they can deal with his big gob. As for guitars he has a blue one, a red one and a black one! He’s a Fender man.


Steve  first took up the guitar at the tender age of 14, after listening to his first ever record (On Ye Olde Cassette Tape) AC/DC’s 1977 epic ‘Let There Be Rock’…and there was!! Still inspired by any music with serious guitars…from Metal to Blues. Favourite guitar bits ever…David Gilmour ‘Comfortably Numb’ or Jimi Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced’..simple solos but so much soul.

Having been through just about every guitar ever made Steve remains faithful to his Gibsons. A recent move to digital modelling amps was short lived – back now to good old dirty valves.


Russ picked up the bass again 9 years ago after first playing when he was 14.

His bass playing influences are Jack Bruce, Geezer Butler and James Jamerson amongst others. Russ’s ambition is to one day play double bass.

He enjoys listening to music from AC/DC to ZZ Top and anything inbetween.

Russ plays Yamaha basses through Ashdown amps.


Jack first learned to play guitar in the 1980s playing songs by artists such as The Beatles, The Eagles and Neil Young. He bought his first electric guitar, a Fender Telecaster copy, in the late 1990s but soon swapped that for an American Fender Stratocaster. He also purchased a Gibson Les Paul and started to take his guitar playing a little more seriously.

Jack has played in a few bands and joined The Untold Revolution in 2014. These days Jack’s main guitars are two American made Hamer guitars, a gold Monaco Elite and a tobacco sunburst Artiste. He plays these guitars through a 50 Watt Marshall JVM 205C tube amplifier.

Jack’s musical taste includes music by bands such as The Who, Pink Floyd / Dave Gilmour, Wishbone Ash, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Thunder, ZZ Top, Green Day and more.



Daz started to tip-tap on the old pots n pans when he was a young lad, progressing to a large whisky bottle (yer know, the ones that used to sit on bars collecting pennies). He started to take his drumming seriously and got his first real kit when he was 13.

Daz is influenced by a number of musicians and bands ranging from blues, rock, psychedelia, indie and grunge including Led Zepplin, The Cult, Pearl Jam etc, far too many to list here… plus old school drummers such as Sandy Nelson and Eric Delaney.

Through the years Daz has played in a number of blues, rock and indie bands, but now has settled down with The Untold Revolution, and with his wingman, Russ, forms a rock solid ryhthm section.

By the way, still got the whisky bottle!

Daz plays a Yamaha Stage Custom Kit with Mapex 14” Exterminator Snare and Sabian cymbals.